Our regulations

Colombia Exploring is committed to countering sex tourism and preventing
the use and exploitation of girls and boys under age according to article 44 of
the Colombian constitution, law 679 of 2001 and / or law 1336 of 2009. It also
accepts the law 17 of 1981 which aims to prevent international trade in
endangered species of wild fauna or flora or in danger of extinction in
Colombia, and illicit use of renewable resources.

• Efficient use of energy.
• Consumption and saving of water.
• Integrated management of solid waste.
• Promotion of the Natural Heritage.
• Promotion of Cultural Heritage.

In order to counteract sexual tourism with minors, Colombia Exploring
undertakes to fulfill the following commitments:
✓ Refrain from offering plans for the sexual exploitation of minors in tourist
promotion programs, advertising and tourist plans, expressly or
✓ Protect national or foreign minors from all forms of exploitation and sexual
violence caused by domestic or foreign tourists.
✓ Refrain from giving information to tourists, directly or through third parties
about places where sexual services with minors are coordinated or provided.
✓ Abstain from driving tourists, directly or by third parties to establishments or
places where prostitution is practiced with minors or has places where

tourists are staying, even if they are located on the high seas, for the purpose
of prostitution with minors old.
✓ To inform the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Tourism
Directorate and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation of the facts
related to the sexual exploitation of minors.